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Mrs. Liedell’s Class Information

Hello PCE families!  My name is Tara Liedell and I will be your child’s First Grade teacher!  I’m so excited to get kids back in my classroom and make some wonderful memories.

Contacting Mrs. Liedell

Please feel free to contact me with ANY questions and/or concerns. E-mail is usually the best way to reach me: 

Keep in mind that I am usually focused on teaching your kiddo during the school day but will get back to you as soon as I am able.  If you need to contact me during the school day for something timely (such as changing where your child will go after school that day) you’ll want to call the front office and have them get me a message. 


Parent Communication

I have two main forms of communicating class info to parents. 

  1. I will be sending out a weekly Newsletter via email.  You can look for it on Saturday or Sunday so you’ll know what to expect the following week. 

  1. I will send out occasional reminders using the Remind app.  These are typically “night before” reminders so families don’t forget about special theme days, conference sign-ups, etc.  I HIGHLY recommend signing up for these reminders.  
    • Text @lied2122 to 81010

Chromebooks and Tech Infolaptop clip art | FREE Computer Clip art Pictures Print FREE Clip ...

Each child will be assigned a PCE Chromebook to use for learning at school.  Students will be learning safe and responsible technology practices during the first week or two of school.  Soon, you will see login information inside your child’s Take Home Folder.  This will allow your child to access some of our school online learning platforms at home. 


We will begin assigning weekly homework assignments the week of August 23rd.  Generally, first graders are expected to do about 10-15 minutes of homework per night (4-5 times/week).  We believe homework is about learning responsibility and practicing skills that have already been learned.  Therefore setting a regular time and place for your child to do homework each night will go a long way towards developing habits for the future and keep complaining to a minimum.  Homework will be sent home on Fridays and is always due the following Friday (or the last day of the week if there is no school on Friday).  Homework will typically consist of:

  • 3 books at the child’s independent level sent home in a book bag to practice
  • 1 math practice page reviewing the concepts covered in class
  • 1 phonics or sight word practice activity
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Mask Usage

As of now, DCSD has said that masks are encouraged, but not mandatory for students.  Staff members are required to be either vaccinated or wear a mask when working with students.  Because every family is different I am asking parents to have a conversation with your child about whether or not you want a mask to be worn throughout the day.  If you are asking your child to wear a mask I recommend sending an extra mask in your child’s backpack in the event it gets dirty or lost.  “Mask shaming” of other students will not be tolerated. 


In first grade, we attend a Specials class each day, which include Music, Art, P.E., Health and STEAM.  In the beginning of the year, we will spend 1 week in each class.  After that, we will switch to a 3 week rotation for each special.  I’ll announce the special for the week in my weekly newsletter.   Please be sure to send your child in food running shoes when we attend P.E.


Students have the option of taking a free bagged breakfast each morning.  This year, students who would like breakfast will need to come in Door 4, nearest the Cafeteria.  Bagged breakfasts will not be available at the other entrances.  Students having breakfast should arrive on time so they will have time to eat before starting our learning activities for the day. 


Students have the option to either bring a lunch from home or have the school lunch.  School lunches will be free of charge thanks to USDA funding.  Second helpings and additional snacks will be available for a charge.  You can find monthly calendars with breakfast and lunch menus at Lunch is only 20 minutes.  Please remind your kiddos to take that time to eat their lunch, rather than just talking with friends.  We do our best to remind them, but appreciate any support you can provide at home.  We do have a nut-free table for students with allergies. 


 We will have time for an afternoon snack each day at 2:15. Please provide one healthy, nut-free snack for your child each day (and provide any necessary utensils). We recommend something that the kids can eat in a few minutes so they can get back to learning.   If your child’s snack requires refrigeration be sure to pack it with an ice pack.  No candy or nut products for snack please.

STAR Student

Each child will have an opportunity to be our Star Student of the week! During this time he/she will get to present a Star Student poster to the group so classmates can learn more about him/her. Students can also bring in a favorite book and  5-7 special items to display and discuss with the class. The class will complete a Student Star book for each child to take home.    You can find your child’s week for Star Student on my  Student Star Calendar.


 Toys and jewelry can be a distraction and interfere with learning. It is just too tempting for kids to play with them at the wrong times.  Please encourage your child to keep these items at home.  We also wouldn’t want special items to disappear or get lost at school.

Water Bottles

 Each child should bring a full water bottle to school every day. Only water is allowed. Please clearly label the bottle with your child’s name. Make sure it is a bottle that doesn’t leak and that your child can easily open and close on their own. We recommend the pop up or push button styles such as Contigo. 


We LOVE to celebrate and make your child feel special on his/her birthday.   I’ll have a birthday crown and special eraser for your child. Unfortunately, PCE policy is not to serve edible treats for birthday celebrations.  As an alternative, some parents opt to let their child pass out a non-edible party favor but this is totally optional.  


After School PlansImage result for bus clipart

Students will need to know how they are getting home each day. If there are any changes please notify the teacher by 11:00 or call the office for last minute changes.  (For a first grade teacher, there’s nothing worse than finding out at 3:30 that a student’s plans changed and neither you or the student are sure where they are supposed to go.)  There are 3 choices. 

  1. B.A.S.E. after-school child care program (must be signed up)
  2. BUS  - Students will line up and walk to the busses with a staff member. 
  3. Parent meet-up - First graders exit out the front door and meet parents in the front area of the building. Please arrange a spot where your child should meet each day (such as the flagpole or carpool lane).  

Dressing for the Weather and ClassroomsImage result for weather clipart

Please help your student come to school with the appropriate clothing for recess outdoors.  This includes hats, coats, gloves and of course boots when there is snow or water on the ground.  Be sure to label your child’s belongings with their name or initials. Conditions can change rapidly in Colorado and we wouldn't want your child to end up cold or have soggy feet for the remainder of the day.  In addition, our classrooms are often chilly so sending a sweatshirt or sweater might be a good idea even on warm days.  

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