Students will participate in a 20 Book Challenge. The goal is to read 2 books a month, with 10 books read by winter break and 10 more books read by the end of the year.
  • These books should be something your child wants to read and can be a balance of books your child reads independently or with a parent. Feel free to read at bedtime with your child or listen to audiobooks in the car on the way to your activities. Reading should be engaging and something your child looks forward to doing.
  • Books read at school and assigned by Mrs. Gorkaya do not count toward the 20 Book Challenge. **Unless written and signed off in class with Mrs.Gorkaya**
  • Simply sign your child's 20 Book Challenge, located in your child's planner, to show that your child has finished a book.
  1. Must be read as part of your homework.  (It’s ok if it’s a book that you bring back and forth for independent reading.)  
  2. Must be on your independent reading level (it should not be a book that is to difficult or too easy for you).
  3. Must not be a book you’ve read before.
  4. Must show parent initial on 20 Book Challenge Form to receive credit.
  5. Ten books should be read by Winter Break and the remaining 10 by Memorial Day. 

 **Books more than 300 pages will count as two books.**

A math sheet will be sent home each Friday and is due the following Friday. 
Each sheet reviews concepts taught in class and provides repeated practice so students can continue to practice concepts we have covered. 
Multiplication Challenge
 In your child's planner a multiplication sheet has been stapled to the inside. As a student masters the 2s, for example, I check off the 2 to show he/she has passed the 2s. When the challenge has been met with 1-9, he/she will have earned class money. 
Using this website, students have two minutes to pass with no more than 3 errors. 
Please use this exact website to practice at home with your child.

Email / Google Classroom / Google Drive
Throughout the school year, your child may have to log into their email, Google Classroom, and/or Drive from home to complete assignments. 

Your child should be fully aware of how to complete these steps, but if they need help or need a reminder, please use the formula below to log into their email. You can also log in as your child to see what he or she has been working on in class.

1.   www.gmail.com
2. login:lastnamefirstinitialmiddleinitial@s.dcsdk12.org    
    (example: gorkayajb@s.dcsdk12.org)
3. password: Dcsdlunchnumber (ex. Dcsd123456)

If your child has to log into Google Classroom or Drive please follow these steps:
1. log into email (follow directions above)
2. click on the 3 by 3 Google Apps grid at the top right corner
3.  click on Drive or Google Classroom. If you do not see these apps, then click on the word "more" below the apps. 
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