Homework in kindergarten will consist of nightly reading and sight word practice. You will also receive occasional family projects (about one per month) to complete together and return to school. Time spent on homework should be no more than 10 minutes each night in addition to 10 minutes of reading with your child, reading to your child, or your child reading to you. Most importantly, have fun with it!

Starting in September, students will be bringing home a "book bag" each night with a book at their reading level. They can read these books to you each night in addition to other books you choose to read at home. Students will also receive quarterly sight word lists with words that they still need to practice.

The kindergarten sight word list is attached below. Please start with the first 25 words. Your child should work on reading the words first, then they can work on spelling. 

Sight Words

Here are some ideas for ways to practice sight words. Flashcards are always a good way to start as well.

 Bubble Letters

Write each sight word in bubble letters. Then, write your words a second time in your best handwriting.

 Beat the Clock

Write your sight words one time across the top of a sheet of paper. Set a timer for 5 minutes to see how many times you can write each word correctly.

 Rainbow Writing

Write each sight word using a different color for every letter. Then, write your words a second time in pencil and your best handwriting.

 Which Word Wins?

Work with a parent and look at a newspaper to see how often sight words pop up in print. Highlight and count the word each time it appears.


Write the first letter of each word. Next write the first two letters of the word below and keep going.





 Spill a Sight Word

Copy sight words onto small cards. Place the cards into an empty container. Shake the container, spill out the words, and read the ones that fall face up. Give each word read a score that is equal to the number of letters in the word. Record the total, then place the remaining words back in the can and repeat.

 Squiggly Words

Write each sight word in squiggle letters. Then, write the words a second time in your best handwriting.

 Write a Sentence

Use each sight word in a sentence. Highlight the sight word that you used.

 Be the Teacher

Have an adult or older sibling write the sight words. Have the test taker make mistakes on purpose. Correct the test and rewrite their mistakes 2 times correctly.

If you would like additional math or literacy practice for your child, please let me know. Starting in January, your child will begin receiving weekly homework packets to help them transition to first grade.

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