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Reading - Comprehension strategies such as schema (background knowledge), inferring questioning, making connections, determining importance, and summarizing will be the focus in reading. We will also work on fiction and non-fiction text. Having students read independently both at home and at school is very important to practice and apply these skills. Students will apply and enhance these skills while reading within the content area and participating in reading groups.

Writing - We will be looking at the different genres and practicing them in writing. The genres include descriptive, narrative, expository, poetry and opinion. Sentence structure, grammar, organization, and conventions is our focus. Student will write in a draft book and publish some writing.

Math - Our Math Curriculum is Ready Math. Math this year will begin with place value and move into multiplication and division. Fractions, geometric relationships, data will also be addressed.

Mastering basic math facts for addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division is a priority. Practicing facts can be accomplished by your student using Xtra Math, flash cards, and math activities. PLEASE MAKE SURE THAT YOUR STUDENT PRACTICES MATH FACTS DAILY. Knowing these facts will help your student in all areas of math.
Science - Motion, such as balanced and unbalanced magnets, electricity interactions, life cycles, animal groups and weather makeup our Science curriculum. Creating and participating in Science experiments allows students to critically think, understand and develop a sense of inquiry.

Social Studies - Civics includes branches of government and civic responsibility. Influential people within the communities will allow students to connect to people in their lives. Geography will look at land forms and tie in with our rocks and minerals in science. Students will also participate in Market Day for Economics.

Snacks - Students are encouraged to bring a water bottle with water ONLY and a snack each day. Please make sure that your child also brings in a healthy snack. No candy, cookies or soda.

Behavior Management - Our classroom is a respectful, caring and safe environment. Students are encouraged to make good choices with their behavior. Most behavior situations are handled with a conversation with the student. If a student in not following the classroom procedures, he/she will be asked to move their clip to a warning level/Parent contact level. Students are will also move their clips to a higher level for great behavior. Students are responsible for their behavior.

Birthday Celebrations - For your students birthday celebration his/her name will be announced during the announcements and his/her picture will be displayed on our closed circuit tv in the lobby. There is a special decorated birthday table in the lunch room where your child and a few friends are invited to have lunch. At Prairie Crossing one of the expectations is that students not share birthday treats, therefore PLEASE DO NOT send in birthday treats.

Communication - Communications is key to making your student's 3rd grade year successful. The best way to contact me is through email as I check it several times per day. Please check this website frequently. The tab that needs to be checked often is the weekly update. This will serve as my newsletter. This is where you will find information on what is happening in our classroom, important dates, and upcoming events.

Grading - Work sent home with a check mark means that I have looked at the work. Work with a number such as 14/15 or a 1, 2, 3, or 4 is work that I have taken a grade on.

1 - Does Not Meet Expectations

2 - Approaching the Expectation

3 - Meets the Expectation

4 - Above the Expectation