Classroom Policies

Mrs. Rosburg’s Class Information

Classroom Procedures: School starts each day at 8:40 when the second bell rings. We dismiss each day at 3:30. I will walk students out to the flagpole to meet you (unless your child is going to aftercare or riding the bus). I will bring your child out a few minutes early to avoid “rush hour”.

Your child will need to make sure to tell me goodbye with a handshake, high five or a hug! It is their choice, but they cannot run off without telling me goodbye. Please help me reinforce this with your child. This helps me make sure that I see you and your child gets to you safely! Since I have several children to say goodbye to and need to make sure everyone is safely with the right parent, your child may need to wait patiently for a few minutes to tell me goodbye.

The aftercare staff will pick up students attending the aftercare program.  Students riding the bus are picked up at the classroom by a staff member, prior to the bell ringing, and escorted to the bus throughout the year. To help things run smoothly, please remind your child where and how he/she is getting home.

We do have “Specials” in Kindergarten. Specials include: Music, P.E., Art, Health, and Library. We will have Library every week on Monday. Please help your child remember their books each week!

Daily Folders- This is a 3-prong folder that houses EVERYTHING students and parents need to keep up-to-date with what is going on at school. Everything you need is in one place, so your child’s take home folder is very important! It will help us keep in contact and help your child learn responsibility. Starting sometime in the first or second week of school, take home folders will be sent home every night. Please return them every school day.

Birthdays- Each child’s birthday will be celebrated during the school year with a birthday pencil, birthday crown, and card from their class. Due to student allergies and our “healthy school initiative”, we will not be having birthday treats in the classroom. Please save those for your parties at home. Instead of bringing treats, I am asking that each family donate a wonderful children’s book to put in a special “Birthday Book Basket”. On your child’s special day, he/she may choose a book from the basket to take home! Please purchase a book in the $5.00-$10.00 price range to donate to our basket! If your child has a summer birthday, we will celebrate their birthdays during the last week of school. If you could bring your book to donate to our basket by “Back To School Night,” that would be greatly appreciated! Thank you so much for your contribution!

It is school policy that birthday invitations are not handed out during class time unless all children are invited to the party. I am unable to give out a class list for parents, however, if you are inviting all children, I can help your child hand them out at school. I realize many of you would like to invite just a few friends from the class. If this is the case, students are allowed to hand out invitations outside before and after school.

Book Orders-I will be sending home Scholastic book orders throughout the year. In addition to the order form that will come home with your child, I have a classroom account online. You will have two options to order your books. Our classroom receives points towards FREE books every time an order is placed. Ordering online is the preferred method.  Use this code if placing order online: P6KX9

1, To set up a parent login (to access classroom catalog):

2. At the top, put your mouse on the word "Parents"

3. Choose the option on the right that says "Book Club Orders New"

4. Create an account

5. When prompted, insert our classroom code: P6KX9

Communication- Please feel free to contact me with any questions and/or concerns. E-mail is the best way to reach me. Our mornings are very hectic so coming in with your child to speak with me is not the best time for the students or me; however, I am usually available after school. My class newsletter will be posted on my website monthly. E-mail:

Snacks- We will have a time for a daily snack. Please provide a healthy snack for your child that does not require utensils and can be eaten in 5-10 minutes. We do a lot of learning in kindergarten, so a healthy snack is needed fuel for their brains.

Lunch - Your child will need to bring a lunch or be prepared to purchase a lunch in the cafeteria. In order to purchase a lunch, students need their lunch number (the student’s district number) when paying for their lunch. I will help students with this process and have lunch numbers available. Eventually, students will need to memorize their numbers, so you may want to help your child with this by practicing their lunch number as part of their homework each night until they know it.  

You will need to set up a lunch account for your child if they plan to eat school lunch. You will need to make deposits into this account in order for your child to purchase meals. If you have further questions, you may contact the front office or our lunch staff. You will also find a DCSD menu link on the PCE website. If your child is ordering lunch for the day, it is very helpful to go over the menu with her/him to help your child make a choice for the day.

Golden Boy/Girl- Each child will have an opportunity to be our Golden Boy or Girl for the week. During this time he/she will complete a poster, bring in items for show and tell, and fill the estimation jar. This is a fun way for us to celebrate our classmates and get to know each other better!

Toys- They can be a real distraction and interfere with learning. Please do not allow your child to bring toys to school - this includes playground toys.

Water Bottles- It is recommended that each child bring a water bottle to school. Please clearly label the bottle with your child’s name and make sure it is a bottle that your child can easily open and close. Dixie cups will also be available for water in the classroom.
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