Brett St Germain


Brett St.Germain
Visual Arts k-6

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Hello Prairie Crossing Community. My Name is Brett St.Germain and I am super excited for my 10th year here at Prairie Crossing Elementary as the k-6 visual arts teacher. Each year that I have been here, I have grown as a teacher as well as an artist and have built great relationships with my students. Originally from New England, I moved to Colorado in 2006 to attend Rocky Mountain College of Art and Design where I earned my degree in art education. As an artist I enjoy working in many different mediums which translates into my classroom projects. Through activities such as drawing, illustration, painting, sculpting, ceramics, printmaking, and so on, I hope to inspire and spark a life long interest and appreciation of the arts in each my students.

Any questions, comments, or concerns please feel free to email me.
[email protected]