Support for all students.

School counselors are in a unique position to provide support to every single student within a school. This is accomplished by providing services at three levels: school wide, small groups, and individual counseling. My focus is on ensuring every student has well-rounded foundations in social-emotional, academic, and career awareness

Classroom Lessons
Prairie Crossing already benefits from fantastic staff that bring important social-emotional learning into students' everyday interactions. Classroom lessons intermittently presented by the school counselor allow students to go deeper on select topics, which may include:

  • emotional awareness and self-regulation
  • making friends/social skills
  • early career awareness and exploration
  • conflict resolution and general problem solving
  • stress busters
  • whatever that particular group of students may benefit from!

Small Group Counseling
Small group counseling presents a great chance for several students to meet on a specific topic with their school counselor. Small groups will often run 2-3 times a year for about 6 weeks. They generally include 3-6 students who come together for about 30 minutes, once a week, during the school day but not during instructional time.

Parents will have the opportunity to sign their student up for a small group, but unfortunately this is not a guarantee of participation; small groups will be determined based on the number of students signed up and the availability of scheduling. Topics for small group may include:

  • families in separate/separating homes
  • confidence/self-esteem, leadership
  • anxiety/stress management
  • academic fitness
  • self-regulation and making good choices
  • cooling down anger 

If you are interested in having your child be in a small group in the future, please email me. If you have questions about small groups, please reference the frequently asked question or reach out by email. 

Small Group FAQs

Individual Counseling

Sometimes students benefit from one-to-one support with the school counselor. Whether the request comes from a parent, staff member, or the student themself, your school counselor is here to help!

Every effort is made to meet with students outside of instructional time (often during lunch/recess, snack breaks, etc.).

Topics may encompass any student need, from social-emotional to academic, and are often brief/solution-focused.

The role of a school counselor is to provide short-term support to students, but some students may further benefit from the sort of in-depth, long-term support that community mental health professionals provide; I can always provide you with some starting points for community mental health resources if this may be a good option for your family!

If you would like your student to meet with the school counselor, please get in touch via the "CONTACT" page.