Classroom Info.


Students will be required to do the following each week:

  • Read 20-30 minutes a night (this can be done in the car on the way to extracurricular activities, on the bus, before bed, etc.)
  • Write a Reading Journal Response in their notebook- DUE FRIDAY
  • Rubric for responses is inside the cover of the notebook

Students that are not completing classwork in school will be asked to complete at home to bring back to school.
This includes iReady Lessons. 


Students are welcome to bring two snacks a day to eat when they feel hungry. We will not have designated snack times, as I trust that the students can judge when they are hungry and it is an opportune time to eat. We will have this open eating option as long as:

  1. Students are only bringing two snacks (and are snack sized)
  2. Snacks are healthy options- no candy, cookies, family size options
  3. Students are cleaning up after themselves- no crumbs and trash on the floor
  4. Students are not eating while using their chromebooks

Water Bottles

Students need to bring their own filled water bottles to school each day. They will be allowed to keep the water bottles on the floor under their desk for easy access. Please make sure that NO OTHER drink is being brought in water bottles. This will avoid sticky messes that can leave stains. 

Bathroom Breaks

We will have two whole class bathroom breaks throughout the day. It is highly encouraged that students use the bathroom before the second bell rings, during recess/lunch, and in the given breaks. Students will only be allowed to use the bathroom outside of our breaks two other times, as it is important that they are in the room participating in the learning. 

Dropping Off Materials/Items

If your student has forgotten something and you bring it to them, please drop it off in the office for them to pick up later. Do not come to the mobile door- this will limit our disruptions and follow the district’s safety guidelines. 

Tardies/Leaving Early

If your child is late (after 8:40), they need to be signed in at the front office before coming to the mobile. 

If you need to sign your student out, please do so at the office and they will call for them at our room. Please do not come to the mobile without signing them out at the office. 

Technology at Home

Students may access all of our resources at home by going to:

Their login information will be taped inside their travel folder, but follows the following pattern:

Username: lastnamefirstinitialmiddleinitial (ex: gorkayajb)

Password: Dcsdlunchnumber (ex: Dcsd123456)