Classroom Information

Classroom Policies and Procedures
We will be creating a set of our own classroom rules and procedures as a class. However, the biggest rules will be that our classroom will be a safe, inclusive environment that focuses on learning together and collaboration. Students will respect one another and their teachers. Students not following our procedures will fill out a "think sheet" in order to restore their place back into the activity that the class is participating in. We have classroom economy as well. Students can earn money or can be fined money.

Please see this presentation for more information 

***We are a nut free classroom****
We will have snack around 10:30am. Students can only bring water into the classroom
If we are having a holiday party please only bring in store bought goods due to 

Birthday Treats 

For your students birthday celebration his/her name will be announced during the announcements and his/her picture will be displayed on our closed circuit tv in the lobby. There is a special decorated birthday table in the lunch room where your child and a few friends are invited to have lunch. At Prairie Crossing one of the expectations is that students not share birthday treats, therefore PLEASE DO NOT send in edible birthday treats.


1 - Does Not Meet Expectations

2 - Approaching the Expectation

3 - Meets the Expectation

4 - Above the Expectation.

Work sent home with a check mark, star or sticker means that I have looked at the work. Work with a number such as 14/15 or a 1, 2, 3, or 4 is work that is graded. More school policies can be found on the main page