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Chromebook Tip: Remember that this device is a tool to use to access the internet. It is important to know that this is not like other laptops you are use to! Most of the icons on the desktop or in the Apps List are just links - they will link you to where that resource is located in Chrome (or on your Drive).

For Students - how to carry Chromebook

For Students - Respect your Chromebook.mp4


Chromebook Overview

Getting Started.mp4


How to change profile picture, set a wallpaper, & choose a theme on Chromebook

How to change your profile picture.m4a


Chromebook Keyboard & Shortcuts

You will have probably noticed that the keyboard is not like a normal laptop keyboard. This video will help you learn some of the uses and shortcuts you can do with the Chromebook keyboard. Don't forget to pay attention to how to enable "Caps Lock!"

Chromebook keyboard and basic shortcuts - PDF

How to enable Caps Lock, use the special keys, a.mp4


How to take a screenshot and where it goes after you take one

1. screenshot keys

2. Once you've taken the shot, it will save into the "Files" folder located in the "Apps List."

3. Upload the image to your Google Drive because you don't have a lot of extra space on the Chromebook.

4. Go to your Drive, and click on the upload icon upload icon and find the screenshot located in the "Files" folder.

5. Go back to the "Files" folder and delete the screenshot after it is uploaded into your Drive.


How to create a Google Doc on Chromebook

How to create a new document ‎(and find it later)‎.mp4



How to sign into Chrome

Chrome is awesome! If you haven't made this your habit yet, it is time for you to form a new one! When you sign into Chrome on any device (Macbook, Chromebook, smartphone), you will be able to access all the bookmarks you've added to your toolbar, any apps you've added to Chrome, and any extensions you've added to Chrome. This way, you'll always have your own personalized web browser, no matter where you are!

**NOTE: In the video, he says to click on the wrench. Google has updated Chrome so that instead of a wrench, it is now 3 horizontal lines at the end of the URL bar.**

Signing in to Chrome.mp4


How to use toolbar bookmarks when logged into Chrome

Chrome - Bookmarks.mp4